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RMN Jobs or Registered Mental Nurse Jobs are widely available in a number of settings.  More recognised cases of mental health issues in society means more RMN Jobs being created.  Careworx lists a number of registered mental nurse and RMN Jobs from a variety of employers.  Where many of these specialised nurse job roles still fall under ‘staff nurse jobs‘ and ‘registered nurse jobs‘ it is worth trying a few varieties in your searches.

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RMN Job Types

RMN Jobs used to be mainly found in the NHS.  These could be specialised hospital units.  They could also be based in community or secure residential services.  RMN Jobs support people of all ages living with a range of mental health issues.  This includes depression, addictions to drugs or alcohol, personality disorders or stress-related illnesses.  The aim of the RMN Jobs and Registered Mental Nurse Jobs is to help people recover or adjust to their condition.  This involves work with social workers, therapists, psychologists and doctors or GPs.

With the continual rise in Nursing Home Jobs there are more opportunities to progress with RMN Jobs.  Most care home providers are private companies. Rates of pay are competitive.  Plus many offer excellent professional development through work based NVQ’s and management training.

RMN Jobs will vary widely.  The more specialised the user group the more challenging the role can be.  You can find RMN Jobs in rehabilitation centres and private independent hospitals.  RMN Jobs are also available in Prison Nurse Jobs.  This is known as forensic care of those in the criminal justice system.

There is a huge demand for RMN Jobs at all levels.  Mental health nurses can quickly obtain Senior Nurse Jobs.  These lead to Deputy Nursing Home Manager Jobs.  Then through experience and qualifications.  You will soon be ready for Nurse Manager Jobs and Nursing Home Manager Jobs.  And a good RMN Manager has lots of prospects.

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