RGN Jobs and Registered General Nurse Jobs

RGN Jobs are for Registered General Nurses and can be found at all levels across various settings.  There is a constant demand for more nurses in both the NHS and private sectors which means plenty of RGN jobs and Registered General Nurse job vancancies at all times.

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RGN Jobs Careers Information

RGN jobs offer an almost unlimited amount of choices when looking for work or deciding on a career path.  This is as most nurse job seekers are in fact general nurses with many of the skills often associated with the traditional nursing required in most settings.  With highly trained clinical capabilities and a wealth of medical knowledge you can also begin to specialise in certain deparments, or choose to work with specific client groups.

RGN jobs can be highly pressurised as you will be responsible for providing and monitoring an overall package of care to your patients.  From administering medication and taking a patients pulse, to overseeing pre and post operation care.  Much of the work involves constant observation and assessment of individuals.

Most registered general nurse and RGN jobs are found in a hospital or clinical environment.  Typically you will undertake staff nurse roles to gain experience before moving into a more senior post, or entering scrub nurse, theatre nurse and recovery nurse jobs.

RGN Jobs seekers looking for a different setting can apply to work in schools, doctors practices or prisons to gain valuable experience.

Care and nursing homes now also offer fantastic opportunities for RGN jobs seekers.  Most care home providers are private companies and therefore rates of pay are competitive.  Many also offer excellent career and professional development.

RGN’s who show capability and aptitude for their role can easily work their way to nurse manager jobs.  Through work based NVQ’s and constant training you can quickly obtain senior nurse positions such as a sister, ward manager or matron.

Other specialisms include midwives and nurse advisors.  If you inclined to continue with formal qualifications you can even become a nurse practitioner.

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