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Universal Jobmatch – No help for the unemployed!

As a job board owner I find it incredible that the government can in any way justify spending nearly £17m (£16.7m) of tax payers money on the new Universal Jobmatch website designed to replace the JobCentre Plus site?  In any form a job board is a job board and some of the best software and [...]

Care Reform 2012 – Care industry to help the UK economy?

With the care reform looming in June a paper has been released by Carers UK calling for the care industry to be viewed as an “economic opportunity” and not a “demographic challenge” due to the need for considerable growth in the market. Call me cynical but the opportunity for people to find work in the [...]

Panorama – Undercover Care – The Abuse Exposed

Having just watched BBC1′s ‘Undercover Care – The Abuse Exposed’ I can tell you from my own experience that these events are all too common throughout our care settings on various scales. When I first began to work in the field of social care, it was by witnessing and hearing of incidents such as this [...]

Supporting Southern Cross

With the news of care provider Southern Cross facing ‘financial chaos’ should we all be jumping on the bandwagon to point from a distance and slam the group by reporting service user fears for their future, the thousands of pending job losses and just about anything else to further depreciate their current share value any [...]